Bajo la Encina 
Innumerable songs have been dedicated to the trees anywhere in the world and is this alive manifestation the one that it moves Languedoc to make this heartfelt program, that begins evoking the presence of Yggdrasil accompanied by two medieval Norwegians songs, soon to connect through the presence of the godos in Spain with one cantiga of Santa Maria in wich Yggdrasil is named as a “Branch of the tree of Jessé”.
Camino de las Estrellas
Is a work made about The Way of Santiago (El Camino de Santiago) and music spins around that axis, in the imaginary route of a pilgrim of XIII century. Cantigas of Santa Maria, Song book Sefaradi and Codice Calixtino are the materials that compose the program.
Des Oge Mais.mp3
Carmina Burana
Songs of clergymen about the most diverse subjects, like love, wine, tavern or denunciation, compose this recording with works of the famous song book of Beuern, XIII century, in its original melodies.
Clauso Cronos.mp3
Totus Floreo
A varied Repertoire that includes Cantigas of Santa Maria, pilgrim songs and jongleurs.
Alle Psalite.mp3
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