Loving of the medieval music, Marcelo García Morillo was seduced by the trade of luthier intending to bring to life those instruments that reflected with fidelity the sounds and shades that were listened to in the years 1200 and 1300. As already member of Ficta Music of Buenos Aires he started with one of his mates to work on the wood and other selfless material. Face to the non-existence of original instruments they took as reference iconographies from the time, stone reproductions of the cathedrals and descriptions that appear in the literature as well as the observation of the stringed instruments constructed traditionally in the European folklore.
Simphony Gothic Harp
Spanish hurdy-gurdy Moorish rebec
Henry III hurdy-gurdy Oval Fiddle
Cittern Fiddle in Eight
Rebec Baldosa
Organistrum Citola
Psaltery Baroque Guitar
Romanic Harp Renaissance Guitar
Celtic Harp  
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