In what it is France today, under the clear light of the Provençal noon, to the south of the Loira river, in that generous land furrowed infinite times by the plow, with the powerful cowherd and his oxen, blooms in the XII century the occitan´s lyric. A poetry and a song for the first time in Romance language, filled and enriched by the double sense, by the riddle overlapped in its verses, by the permanent reference, to which their authors called “to trobar”. Trobar, like so many words in languedoc, means two things simultaneously: to look for and to find. From which their authors were in being called troubadours, and it is so the one that writes and proposes like those who listen and understand. The central subject is the love in a new form that will sign the bond between the lovers since then and to the present time. Quickly this literary passion extends to other kingdoms of Europe, in particular to the north of France and to Galicia, where the constant presence of the ocean wakes up from the horizon the nostalgia of the loved one on the high seas, giving life to the Cantigas de Amigo, beautiful and simple poems dyed with nostalgia and desire, that from the coast the women sing under the protection of their fishing tasks.
Languedoc dedicates this program to that exquisite repertoire, essential to the profane music of XII and XIII centuries.