Languedoc was created in 1994 by a group of friends, under the direction of Marcelo García Morillo . Languedec is dedicated to the study, interpretation, and performance of medieval music and the recreation of medieval themes, in part because the middle ages have special meaning to our new millennium. Languedoc has produced many distinct performances, all organized around a unique Medieval theme, employing simple sceneries, melodies, and texts in order to bring us closer to the spirit of that age.
Our repertoire covers the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries, dedicating special attention to the music of Troubadours and Trouvères and to such ballads as those of Santa Maria, Llibre Vermell, Carmina Burana, and Chansonier du Roi. In addition, a sector of each show explores the influence of the middle ages on contemporary music.
Our intention is to recreate and to transmit the atmosphere, culture, and spirit of the middle ages. To achieve this goal, we rely on a wide range of period instruments faithful historical reconstructions of instruments of that period. Each show revolves around a single theme, employing interwoven theatrical, textual, and musical components aimed at increasing understanding and appreciation for the music and culture of the middle ages.
Each summer season, Languedoc offers four weekly shows: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, starting 10:00 p.m., in El Pitío (The Whistle), a charming, intimate, theater surrounded by a pond, trees, meadows, and flower gardens.
At the end of the show, guests are invited to sample a glass of wine, a variety of exquisite homemade regional cheeses, and the delicious sesame short bread of El Bolsonero. Before closing, many members of the audience may take part in charming, easy to learn medieval dances, taught by the Languedec performers.
Officially declared of municipal and cultural interest by the Village of El Bolsón, Languedoc occupies a central place in the cultural life of the community. It is an important point of artistic reference which has been validated through recurring positive critical reviews in the press, television, and radio, and which has become a center of attraction for the many annual visitors to the region.
María Santucho
Viviana Russo
Hernán Moroni
Carlos Manuel
Marcelo García Morillo
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Auditorio "El Pitío". Villa turismo. Subida Tres Cipreses
El Bolsón. Río Negro. República Argentina
TE:(02944) 492-723 E-mail: languedoc@elbolson.com